The more people that sign up together the bigger the discount.

2 or more and the price drops to £12

5 or more and the price drops to £11

8 or more and the price drops to £10

Grab your friends and save some pennies!

Marathon in a Day Presents:
December 1st - 25th
Wherever, however you want
As far as you want!
How Much?
£13 for solo runners /
From From £10 each each for multiple runners
Child runners from £7

Solo Runner

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Multiple Runners

From £10 each

How it Works

Run up to Christmas is a virtual running event – so it can be run anywhere in whatever way you want.

We love running, we love a challenge, we love quirkiness and we love being inclusive. We want to get as many of you up and out as we can, and we want to support you every step of the way.

Run up to Christmas is our new festive themed virtual running event.

You have from the 1st December to christmas day to run as many miles as you want, or even better as you can. We have 5 Milestones to reach, and you can do it on your own or with your best running buddies!
-50km (avg. 2K a day)
-100km (avg. 4k a day)
-150km (avg. 6k a day)
-200km (avg. 8k a day)
or a whopping 250km (avg. 10k a day)

This is not a run streak challenge, you do not need to run every day (but you obviously can if you want to). You just have to set a goal to hit one of our targets, track your runs through whatever running site you use, and at the end of the 25 days send us a link to that site so we can count up your miles.

If you've hit one of our milestones you get one of our festive medals (with unique lanyards for each milestone). Surpass our goals and run even further and they'll be an extra special festive treat!

As always we will have prizes and quirky ways to keep you motivated to run this festive season!

Solo Runner


Multiple Runners

From £10 each

Let's look at some examples...

Clare runs Marathon in a Day

This is Clare. Clare loves marathons. Clare has got two marathons planned in December, on top of this she just spends all her spare time out running. Clare tracks her runs on strava and sends us her strava account link. She's run a whopping 210km and gets our 200km medal!

Kev runs Marathon in a Day

This is Kev. Kev loves running but is really busy in December he manages to run 2 10km runs a week. Kev tracks his runs through his Garmin and sends us a link to his garmin account. He's run a total of 60km. and recieves are 50km Medal.

Annie runs Marathon in a Day

This is Annie. Annie wants to hit a run streak she decides to run a mile every day to Christmas eve, and then wakes up extra early on Christmas morning to run a 10 mile run. She sends us a link to her RunKeeper account. Annie has run 54km, and gets our 50km medal.

The team runs Marathon in a Day

This running club decide to sign up to keep their members motivated through the winter. Debbie runs 23km, Stevie runs 50km, Axel runs 50km and Ozzy runs 17km. They track their runs on various run trackers and send us links to their sites. Together they manage a total of 140km and recieve our 100km medal.