The more people in your team the bigger your discount!

Teams of 2-3 get a 10% discount over the solo price

Teams over 4 get can enjoy a 15% discount

And teams of 6 or more can enjoy a huge 20% off!

So gather your friends!

1st - 3rd September 2017
Wherever, however you want
26.2 Miles

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How it works

Marathon In A Day is a virtual race – so it can be run in any location at any time between 1st and 3rd September.

We love running (especially marathons), we love a challenge, we love quirkiness and we love being inclusive. So why not do all of the above? That’s how we came up with Marathon In A Day.

We’re the only marathon that allows you to break up your run however you like, and only count the time you’re actually running for.

So long as the marathon is completed in one 24 hour period, how you break it up is totally up to you.

You (and your team if you have one) just have to submit your evidence after you take part and we do the rest! However many small runs you do, just send them through and we’ll add them up!

Let's look at some examples...

Clare runs Marathon in a Day

This is Clare. Clare loves marathons. Clare goes out and she runs a marathon in one go. It takes her 4 hours, 43 minutes and 12 seconds. Clare sends us a photo of her Garmin watch as evidence.
Clare gets a medal.

Kev runs Marathon in a Day

This is Kev. Kev loves running but is also a bit strange. Kev decides to run 1.09 miles every hour for 24 hours. Kev’s total time is four hours, 12 minutes and 18 seconds. Kev sends us pictures of his Strava feed. Sure, it takes us ages, but we add them all up.
Kev gets a medal.

Annie runs Marathon in a Day

This is Annie. Despite looking like she is under 18, Annie is actually 49 and allowed to take part. Annie does three runs in the day. A half marathon and two other runs of 10.55km. One of Annie’s runs was on a treadmill. Annie’s total time is 2 hours and 53 minutes. Annie sends us a picture of her Garmin app and a photo of the treadmill display.
Annie gets a medal.

The team runs Marathon in a Day

Stevie, Debbie, Axel and Ozzy love running. They go to parkrun every Saturday and decide to run together, covering 20km. Then they drink a lot of coffee and eat some cake before setting off to run the course again (and another half a kilometre each). They finished in a joint time of 3 hours, 12 minutes and 54 seconds.
They all get a medal.

A big Thank You to our amazing partners